Vimeo Updates
General News - 11/11/10 - SplinterCell

Volatile Production Studios is updating all of its film archives to Vimeo embedded content. Enjoy all of BFFILMS' past work through embedded Vimeo links!


General News - 06/04/07 - SplinterCell

BFFILMS is announcing its innactivity to the filming community. Currently, BFFILMS has no active productions and no future productions scheduled. This is not temporary, nor is it indefinite. BFFILMS will resume filming at the community's demand. Currently, Volatile Production Studios (VpS) is taking on several new projects. To stay involved with filming, check in with the VpS site. Until later, keep the cameras rolling, and happy gaming.


New Website
General News - 07/30/06 - SplinterCell

Welcome back to BFFILMS. After taking a break for about a year, BFFILMS has taken a step toward resuming filming. Now operating under Volatile Production Studios, BFFILMS is the BF1942 / BF2 / BF2142 division. All of the old movies are still being hosted here. For our dedicated members, thanks for sticking with us and keeping the community strong. For anyone new participating in or helping with VpS, welcome and enjoy your stay with us.


Homefront V2 Promo Hits
General News - 01/15/06 - SplinterCell

I would like to take this opportunity to congradulate the Homefront MOD team as well as everyone involved with the BFFILMS promo production. Upon examination, it has been determined that the combined hit total for all mirrors hosting the HFV2 promo has exceeded 250,000 hits! Without the dedication of the community, this never would have been possible. Thank you to all involved!


Lost Hope Promo
Film Release - 08/23/05- SplinterCell

Lost hope promo is out! Check it out in the films section.
UPDATE: Lost Hope was abandoned due to administrative changes in BFFILMS. Enjoy the promo.


Op Red Sun
Film News - 04/20/05- AngryAmoeba

Op Red Sun is making excellent progress towards a release date in the near future! But in the mean time, be sure to check out the Op Red Sun wallpapers in the tools section!


WW2 MOD Promo
Film Release - 12/26/04- AngryAmoeba

The WW2 Conversion MOD (for BFV) Promo has been released! Check it out in the films section.


21CW Promo
Film Release - 12/17/04- SplinterCell

21CW is finally out! Be sure to check it out in the films section and also drop by the 21cw website! ORS and a new division of BFFILMS soon to come!


Homefront V2 Promo
Film Release - 10/12/04 - SplinterCell

Homefront V2 promo is out! It basically showcases all new features in the Halo-like conversion for BFV. The Homefront Website has more details. Check it out!